Anderson shelter primary homework help

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Tryouts are Friday, this actually helped me with my History GCSE project that I am doing on the Blitz. Mayor Mike Stanfield sent Thompson to make the owners a direct offer. A first reading of Ordinance 2018, once again bringing up the need for paving on Stinking Creek Road. 2m long and 1.

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anderson shelter primary homework help

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The aim was to protect civilians from the danger of air-raids. Such plans included building public air raid shelters. In April 1937 the government decided to create an Air Raid Wardens’ Service and during the next year recruited around 200,000 volunteers. These volunteers were know as Air Raid Precaution Wardens. What was the job of the ARP Wardens?

Their main purpose of ARP Wardens was to patrol the streets during blackout and to ensure that no light was visible. The ARP Wardens also reported the extent of bomb damage and assess the local need for help from the emergency and rescue services. They used their knowledge of their local areas to help find and reunite family members who had been separated in the rush to find shelter from the bombs. 4 million ARP wardens in Britain, most of who were part time volunteers who had full time day jobs. How could you recognise a Warden?