Creative writing describing a car crash

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creative writing describing a car crash

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creative writing describing a car crash

Crash is a 1996 psychological thriller film written and directed by David Cronenberg based on J. Ballard’s 1973 novel of the same name. The film generated considerable controversy upon its release and opened to mixed and highly divergent reactions from critics. While some praised the film for its daring premise and originality, others criticized its combination of graphic sexuality and violence. Their arousal is heightened by discussing the intimate details of their extramarital sex.

She recounts sex that day with a stranger in a prop plane hangar, where she caresses the plane hull with her bare breast as the film’s opening scene. When Ballard replies he did not achieve satisfaction with his office sexual encounter that day, as he was interrupted, his wife replies “maybe the next one”. While driving home from work late one night, Ballard’s car collides head-on with another, killing its male passenger. While trapped in the fused wreckage, the driver, Dr. Ballard when she pulls off the shoulder harness of her seat belt.

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