Creative writing hong kong jobs

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creative writing hong kong jobs

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Jump to navigation Jump to search The creative industries refers to a range of economic activities which are concerned with the generation or exploitation of knowledge and information. The various fields of engineering do not appear on this list, that emerged from the DCMS reports. This was due, probably, to the fact that engineers occupy relevant positions in “non-cultural” corporations, performing activities of project, management, operation, maintenance, risk analysis and supervision, among others.

The DCMS list has proven influential, and many other nations have formally adopted it. Some areas, such as Hong Kong, have preferred to shape their policy around a tighter focus on copyright ownership in the value chain. They adopt the WIPO’s classifications, which divide up the creative industries according to who owns the copyrights at various stages during the production and distribution of creative content. Latin America and the Caribbean as the Orange Economy which is defined as the “group of linked activities through which ideas are transformed into cultural goods and services whose value is determined by intellectual property.

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