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fw fw fw creative writing assignment

APRIL 3 – Why is the NFL is scared of this quirky Dallas entrepreneur? I’ve been attempting to help my long-time friend Wally Lynn for the past decade, and chronicling those mostly failed efforts for the last three years. After graduating from Lake Highlands High School in 1979 Lynn goes with best friend Jeff Coats to Southwest Texas State in San Marcos.

Light-hearted and self-deprecating, the group revels in cutting corners and bending rules. Before you know it we grew into this fraternity of 40 guys who all had in common a hatred of fraternities. Wally was a driving force of that.

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When he put his mind to something, it got done. Lynn’s creativity is never more on display than one summer night in 1999 at Dallas Cowboys’ training camp in Wichita Falls. Lynn shrugs when a friend quizzes him. Might be fun to see if people notice, and then see where my story goes from there.

After being met at the club with a combination of skepticism, flirtation and laughs, he then transforms his late-night meal into a one-man comedy. 50 in tips and an invitation from the manager to perform any time in exchange for a free meal. It’s great to be a dork! He would walk into a room full of strangers and instantly put everyone at ease and make them laugh.