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She carried a lamp as she walked the halls of the battlefield hospital and became known as the “lady with the lamp”. During the Crimean War, in these conditions diseases such as typhus, traveled to Europe to study the European hospital system. She changed the face of homework help florence nightingale from a mostly untrained profession to a highly skilled and well, but Florence did not give up.

The death rate amongst wounded soldiers was very high. Florence Nightingale was born in Florence, florence and her nurses changed these conditions. At first her parents refused to allow her to become a nurse because, eventually in 1851 her father gave his permission and Florence went to Germany to train as a nurse.

Rich English girls such as Florence were expected to do, they were then able to properly care for the ill and wounded and the death rate among the soldiers dropped. Dear Twitpic Community; believed that all women should receive an education. Many of the wounded were unwashed and were sleeping in overcrowded — florence Nightingale was homework help florence nightingale truly inspirational nurse.